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The Second CMI Symposium

New Trends in Cutting Technology
Hosted by: Collaborative Research Center for Manufacturing Innovation,
Institute of Industrial Science(IIS), The University of Tokyo
Consortium for Manufacturing Innovation (CMI*)
Time and Date: October 17, 2014 (Friday)  13:00-17:00  (The hall will open at 12:30)
Venue: Convention Hall
An Block, Second Floor, IIS Komaba II Campus,
The University of Tokyo
The Second CMI Symposium was successfully held with attendance of many people.
We have posted the presentation materials and photos, so please refer to it.
Aiming for a rapid progress of manufacturing technology that supports the base of aircraft industry, in which major development is expected hereafter, a project through industry-university-government cooperation has launched last year. In addition to four CMI start-up members, five companies joined in last October and four companies newly joined in this April. In total, 13 companies work on CMI activities with IIS, The University of Tokyo. poster
Poster of Second CMI Symposium
(English Version)
Research objects of CMI are technological developments for rapid and high value-added manufacturing, environmentally conscious manufacturing and manufacturing with the minimum natural resources and less amount of rare metals related to aircraft manufacturing, but we are aiming for a rapid progress by enhancing the skill of manufacturing technology into manufacturing science. Applicable products are not limited to aircrafts and as a successful example of project through industry-university-government cooperation, we are also expecting to expand it into other industrial fields in the future.
In this symposium, speakers will talk about CMI activities, researches and also the latest trends in cutting technology from guest speakers that are active in various fields.
Program and Lecture Materials
The presentation material will be displayed when you click the lecture title.
13:00-13:10Opening Speech photo
Dr. Yoshiaki NAKANO, Professor, Director General,
IIS, The University of Tokyo
13:10-13:30“The Activities of CMI” photo
Dr. Akira HASHIMOTO, Project Professor,
IIS, The University of Tokyo
13:30-14:10“Researches in CMI” photo
Dr. Toshiyuki OBIKAWA, Professor,
IIS, The University of Tokyo
14:10-14:50“Basic Strategies for Cutting Difficult-to-Cut Materials and Trends for New Technology” photo
Mr. Katsuyoshi KARINO,
Former Cutting Technology Consultant for Tsukuba Plant of Mitsubishi Materials, Part-time Professor at Advanced Polytechnic Center
14:50-15:10(Coffee Break) 
15:10-15:40“Recent Topics of Machine Tools and Its Milling Technologies Applied To Aircraft Alloy” photo
Mr. Tetsuro SHIBUKAWA, Adviser,
15:40-16:10“High Feed Cutting Technique Using Ultra-High Pressure Coolant” photo
Mr. Chikara MORIGO, President,
16:10-16:50“Turning of Difficult-to-Machine Materials with Active Driven Rotary Tool” photo
Dr. Takashi UEDA, Designated Professor,
Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University
16:50-17:00Closing Remark photo
Dr. Toshiyuki OBIKAWA, Professor,
IIS, The University of Tokyo
17:30-19:00Informal Meeting Capo PELLICANO (First floor below the Convention Hall)
photo photo
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